What's New?

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

    The Dashboard now displays custom areas such as Pending Actions, Important Number Summaries, Asset Totals, Top Renewals, and Revenue by Charge Type. Each area has a consolidated overview on a single dashboard screen of all information routinely needed to monitor the data.

  • Report Dashboard with Tabs

    Displays tabbed reports. Tabs are automatically saved for later use.

  • Global Search to Provide Meaningful Results

    ONEview users search for a variety of information such as serial number, model number, location, quotes, etc... Now ONEview offers an easy way to look up this information and return meaningful results to users.

  • View, Download, Email, and Print from Summary

    Now you can view, download, email, and print directly from any Summary area in ONEview.

  • Application Integration - Beta

    Data exchanges now occur between major customer request management systems.

  • ONEview RESTful API

    Our new API gives customers RESTful access to their data, including hardware assets, software assets, and contracts ... all with custom fields.

  • Hardware Asset Coverage Status

    ALL coverage status of each hardware asset is now available in the system.

  • ADDvantage Scorecard Available in Dashboard

    Now ADDvantage customers can download Scorecards directly from the Dashboard. Detailed metrics are shown as graphs and can be downloaded, emailed, and printed.

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